Q. How do I obtain my Beach Passes and Parking Permits?
A. Come to our office on Longview Drive during office hours. Bring with you a driver’s license and vehicle registration. If you are a new resident, please bring proof of purchase of the home. If you are a renter, CSTD office must have a letter with permission from your landlord to give you beach passes / hang tags. We also must have a copy of the front page of your lease.

Q. What happens if I lose my beach pass or parking permit?
A. You must obtain another one from the office for a fee.

Q. How do I register for a spot for my small vessel?
A. Download the small vessel registration form and bring to our office during office hours. Each spot is assigned on a first come first serve basis at the beginning of every season.  All small vessels must be removed by November 15th.

Q. Do I need a permit to perform work at my house?
A. Yes. If a permit is required by the Town of Brookfield, Candlewood Shores may also need to issue a permit. There are also circumstances when the town does not require a permit, but Candlewood Shores does. If you’re not sure, contact the onsite office.

Q. Can I bring 10 or more guests to the beach?
A. Yes, however you would have to complete the beach rental form and pay a fee.  This can be brought to the office where an extra pass will be given to cover the extra guests.  The standard issued passes cover a maximum of 9 people.

Q. How do I get a Boat Ramp Key? What are the rules and regulations for the boat ramp?
A. Download the boat ramp key registration form and bring it to our office with your payment. Guidelines for the boat ramp will be provided to you when you receive a key.

Q. Does Candlewood Shores provide security?
A. Security is provided throughout the summer season and guards are on duty at various times each week.

Q. How do I rent the Community Room?
A. Download the community room rental form for the application and guidelines  Bring the form to our office during scheduled hours with your payment to reserve the room. Please call the office or look on the website calendar for date and time availability.

Q. If I rented the Community Room, how can I get the key?
A. Contact the office the week prior to your event to be given the combination to a key lock box that is located on the community room door.

Q. When does Candlewood Shores do leaf and branch pick-up?
A. Spring and Fall for leaves and sticks. They must be in separate piles and cannot contain brush, mulch, grass clippings, trash, or other yard debris. Please check the website for dates and times.

Q. Can I park on the street when it snows?
A. All cars must be removed from the roads when a snow emergency is declared. Once the snow is over and the roads are cleared, residents may park on the street again.

Q. When and where are board meetings held?
A. The third Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in the Clubhouse community room at 55 Longview Drive.