Recreation Committee

Liz Moore – Co-chairperson
Meegan Lepler – Co-chairperson
Jon Lepler – Board Liaison
Bunny Tessier
Cindy DeMayo

Safety & Security Committee

Jon Lepler – Board Liaison
Michael Bonamarte
Bert Coleman

Beautification Committee

Elizabeth Longworth – Co-Chairperson
Nancy Knorr – Co-Chairperson
Lauren Buzzeo 

Ordinance Committee

Chris Rink – Chairperson
David Samuels – Board Liaison
Bert Coleman
Adam Dean
Donna Osiecki
Mark Welte

Water Committee

Robert Yamuder – Chairperson
Angelo Aldana – Board Liaison
Tim Cicchese – Board Liaison

Sewer Committee

Sewer Committee Update: The sewer committee has created two videos analyzing the Environmental Impact and Financial Impact of a new sewer system.

We welcome you to participate in our community and join our committees.

Please contact us for information.