Recreation Committee

Meegan Lepler –
Liz Moore –
Dee Ciancio – Liaison to the Board
Melanie Shapiro-
John Donovan

Jennifer Lyons
Nora Lynch
Heather Peracchio
Cyndi DeMayo

Safety Committee

Justin Felton – Co-Chairperson
Michael Bonamarte – Co-Chairperson

Beautification Committee                                                            

Elizabeth Longworth – Co-Chairperson 
Nancy Knorr – Co-Chairperson
Lisa Cavalea
Lauren Buzzeo 

Ordinance Committee

Robert Fletcher -Chairperson
Cherry Fletcher
Loretta Donovan
Doug Fisher

Playground Renovation Committee

Brigid Knauer – Liasion to the Board
Ginny Bonamarte
Justin & Damianne Felton
Kim Millard
Cheryl Zezza-Bartholomew
Kim Murohy
Katie Stevens
Kate Wicklund-Otis
Yoanna Corral
Gary Haggas
Michaela Patry
Don & Heather Savage
Jennifer Singer
Melanie Shapiro
Gail Gettler
Carrie Starnes
Ann Lansing
Georgina Michel
Lia Moore
Matthew Gioglio

We welcome you to participate in our community and join our committees.

Please contact us for information.