A nine member Board of Directors governs the Tax District. The Board is elected each year at the annual meeting. Board meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the clubhouse community room on 55 Longview Drive. The community is welcomed to attend and is encouraged to speak up at the public comment portion of the meeting and to get involved to create a more dynamic community.

Annual budget meetings are held every year in the month of April or May and the community is encouraged to come and vote for the current budget and slate of board members. These meetings are announced in the local paper a few weeks ahead of time. Special Meetings for voting on such things as land acquisition, charter revisions or other significant topics are held on an as needed basis. These meetings are announced via the website, or Scalzo Property Management emails.

If you are interested in using your talents as a volunteer or future Board Member, please contact the President of the Board.

Vice President – Alan Owen –
Treasurer – Norman Edelson –
Secretary – Robert Yamuder –
Director – Angelo Aldana –
Director – Jonathan Lepler –
Director – Tim Cicchese –
Director – David Samuels –
Harbormaster – Ronnie Sheppard –

2024 Election Results

President: 1-year term

  • Angelo Aldana

Vice President: 3-year term

  • Joseph Rizkallah

Director: 3-year term (2 positions)

  • Douglas Jenks
  • Jon Lepler

Director: 1-year term

  • Mike Walsh